theeverdream: (dinozzo)
theeverdream ([personal profile] theeverdream) wrote2013-04-22 04:37 am

re upcoming post

Hihi everyone. I'm about to post a fic and it feels a little weird to be doing that right now. I'm behind on stuff and I am not really a stranger to that but currently I'm also on hiatus from landcomms due to some things. I guess writing a story is different when it doesn't come with the scheduling deadliney things that a landcomm would, but the main reason I've written and am posting this fic now is I hand-wrote basically all of it when I was in bed one night. I don't have a good mobile device and couldn't do most fandom stuff in bed and definitely don't do most stories there as I usually would type them but this one hit me and flowed. It's 1.2k words and normally I would struggle to make it to less than that.

There really isn't a huge point to this post as the fic itself is an NCIS episode related one so I don't expect people reading this post and people reading that fic from the comm I'm going to post it to would overlap very much. Plus I am still working at the things I am behind on and so forth. I just needed to get this off my chest I guess :)

Hope everyone's doing well. <3

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