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for ncis-verse - very rough part of a story

They'd put Tony in a suite of rooms that was far too big considering he had an office too, and would be spending more of his time there and out in the city than anywhere else. But he wasn't about to complain; the view from each room was gorgeous, and it wasn't like extra space would hurt him.

It ended up coming in very handy when Gibbs got to the city.

Tony'd been at the alpha site for a week and back in the city for twenty minutes before hearing, for the very first time, that Gibbs would be arriving. Soon. Like ten minutes soon. Tony wondered, loudly and in detail, why he hadn't been told before, and as far as he could tell from the answering mumbles it had all been very sudden and unexpected on Gibbs's part. But they'd obviously had time to get Gibbs a room because as soon as welcomes were done, the crowd of new arrivals dispersing, Gibbs rattled off numbers - section, hallway, and room - and says "gonna stow this" with a motion to the duffle bag over his shoulder and then "show me" breathed out in a question.

Tony leads the way, his old meaningless chatter abandoning him but Gibbs doesn't seem to mind, and they reach the room that's Gibbs's and -

It's small. Which is not really a problem, especially for someone like Gibbs, but worse than that, there's no view. There's one tiny window and all that's visible from it is a bit of outside wall.

The city is beautiful, the best thing Tony's ever seen, and in this room you couldn't tell one bit how gorgeous she is.

Tony turns and walks straight back out, leaving Gibbs confused in the doorway.

"You need a view, Gibbs." Tony made a "back this way" motion with his head. "Bring your bag."


Gibbs was able to have a bedroom and an office, and Tony still had all the space he'd ever used before, and they both were able to greet the dawn from the balconies of their respective bedrooms, salt breezes on their skin.

It just made sense.


Gibbs... is retired.

Oh, he's still doing work. He's doing something for somebody, consulting or something, typing a lot and sending emails with attached files through on every data burst.

But whatever work it is, it's a desk job.

Tony's tried to coax answers out of him but the most he's gotten is Gibbs saying "we're different people now."

And Tony can't deny that it's true for himself so he figures he can't judge Gibbs for it.

Even with memories of Mexico-time taunting his dreams.


"Are you going to introduce me to your friend?"

"He's not my friend."

"I know what you think of him. He is your mentor, your confidant, your protector -"

"My old boss."

Todd just looks at him for a moment, eyes piercing. "Your... beloved."

Trust Todd to know precicely what words to use to get straight to the heart of a matter you never really wanted to talk about in the first place.

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