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For ncis_verse

Gifs could include

- "sexy quiet moments" edited to be without Geoff or Secretariat (not a real horse butt and robot arm waving are not as nice as Craig's sexy, haha)

- moments from some other shows he was interviewed on (for example the lapdance on Leno's show or parts of when he was on the French show that copied his, Ce Soir Avec Artur)

- I have a short list of other random moments from TLLShow that are particularly sexy or funny that I think I could find vids for.


- I'd adore a vid of two of the opening theme song sequences put together, parts of the "we just went to HD" opening sequence (the first one to show Craig drumming) put with parts of the "we need to update because the puppets are not as relevant now as Geoff and Secretariat" sequence, but I'd need to find vids of them and say which parts from which one. (Not sure if the vid combining is actually feasible 'cause I haven't looked at the two vids side by side yet.)

edit, Dec 20: I haven't gotten to look at the vids yet because of unexpected health, sorry!

Squee partner

I've been watching every episode for quite a while and am a big fan of not just the interviews but the show inherently. I like watching old pre-Geoff videos but I am definitely a Geoff fan, and I think Secretariat's front half is brilliant. I love the running gags in the show and how watching over time can lead to the viewer having context that isn't apparent in a single episode. I think Craig Ferguson's approach to late-night TV is amazing, I think he's sexy, and I like his life story and feelings about America and mix of self-deprecation and confidence and how he makes people comfortable on his show. Having someone who was also a fan of the show to talk with about certain bits or interviews or running jokes or characters would be awesome :)

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