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Title: His Own Worst Enemy
Author: [ profile] theeverdream
Pairing: John / doppelganger!John
Episodes / Spoilers: Set post 4x04 Doppelganger, and alludes to that episode and to the SG-1 episode 1x07 Cold Lazarus.
Words: 3.3k
Rating: Adult for sex / language / themes.
Warnings: Angst. Non-con. Dark!John. Abusive situation regarding OMC and potential underage sex.

Prompt: John / doppelganger!John, issues

Author’s Notes:
beta: HUGE thanks to my wonderful beta [ profile] slybrarian, whose feedback saved my sanity.
sequel info: This is a self-contained story but may one day have a sequel, so keep your eyes peeled!

cover art: Made by me - click image to enlarge

backstory: Things haven't been going well in the Pegasus galaxy, and the IOA has made Colonel Sheppard and Major Lorne scapegoats, recalling them to the SGC and forcing them to lead teams where the IOA can keep a closer eye on them.

His Own Worst Enemy )
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I am like 99% ready to post. It's just. Sometimes LJ/html coding is not the easiest thing in the world to deal with if you're always dead tired. And if, perhaps, you were pasting things into a private entry to test the coding, and you went to edit something and somehow LJ took away all your paragraph returns? There might be some doubt concerning the wisdom of continuing at that particular time.

I have things posted in a google doc, so I didn't have to go re-do the spaces. And I'm pretty sure I'd be fine if I posted tonight. But I think that I just want to get some sleep so that I'll be just normal tired instead of dead tired when I post. Which, since it's slower, I think, at this time of night/morning anyway, really probably won't matter to most people.

But! You, uh, get to look at the icon? Which is made from the cover art that I made for the story. The cover art itself is, in my opinion, not as visually impressive, but it is more, uh, allegorical. Or metaphorical. Uhhh. JFlan's pretty?

Yeah. I'm going with that.

And speaking of going, I am going to bed now, and I am very happy and I love you all. *loves*


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