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Thank you very much to the anonymous balloonist! They are very pretty and colorful. :-D

Freya from Thoughtcrimes walks into a bar and meets Jonas Quinn!? **
(Oops for not realizing my assignment was in a reply there and kind of forgetting about it until today! Yay for having still plenty of time and also for awesome characters because dude I have been wanting to write something Jonasey!)

Some things I personally need to be convinced of in fics.  Rodney being a hypochondriac is one of them.  And I don't mind PWPs but they don't work for me as well when the pairing isn't one I would have ever though of in a million years.

Ahhh I have too much to do and all the time in the world and no energy. I haven't been keeping up with my flist and I feel as though I am missing significant portions of the particular portion of fandom I tend to look at on a daily basis.  *flails about randomly like a flailey thing*

New comm promo: Colby from Numb3rs and Lorne from Stargate! [info]colby_lorne 

Work on my Summer of Stargate story is progressing!  I hope I can get either a microphone or a thing where I can hook up my computer to the TV soon because I think that will increase my pace even more.  But even if my pace right now is not terribly fast, it is steady, and I am pleased with myself for that.  (For those who haven't heard me talk about it yet: Signups are still open!  Cheerleaders needed especially.)

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My new journal banner makes me highly amused.  I just hadn't done anything with it for so long... it's like trying to get the motivation to tear down your Christmas tree, you know?  So... yeah.  Silly John is silly.

  • I think there need to be more fanfics where the sex doesn't come before the love. I think I will write some someday? Not really a plot bunny... more of a theme bunny?  
  • Rodney rambles are fun to write!  He's just... so lovely when he's happy.
  • David Nykl was quite adorable in Human Target!  Ahh, Percocet!
  • "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" is quite possibly my favorite bit of television fiction EVER.  My GOODNESS. I think my heart exploded into a puddle of wonderful happy gooey asplodey love.
  • I'm not too big into the Torchwood fandom as of yet, so I think if I did this I would probably be accidently derivative, but I feel an overwhelming need to write large doses of Jack-whump.  Although I think if I learned more about the mechanics behind the regeneration/revival stuff I could probably find some unique ways to whump him... but this is a definite back-burner thing.  I think, actually, my overwhelming need isn't really to write it, but to just read a bunch of really good Jack-whumping fics.  I've read some fics that are okay, but haven't found any great ones yet.
SG-1 (SOS_bb)
  • I wrote between the big bang notification date and the sign ups. And haven't really all that much since!  Hmmm.  Am going to have to pick a day this week to just sit down and write a bunch - I've got some ideas that I'm pretty excited about.

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If you like SG-1 and can encourage writers or have artistic talent, please consider signing up for the Summer of Stargate Big Bang challenge.
  • Artist info post - there are only four artists so far
  • Cheerleader info post  - it seems like cheerleaders especially are in need!  Not a beta, but an encourager.
  • There are also slots for fanmixers and vidders, and of course authors - check the latest entries at the comm.

Would anyone like to be a cheerleader for me?  Authors and cheerleaders can choose who they want to work with so if anyone is interested, here is my author info.

A shortened version:
  • my story is an AU about Daniel during his ascension (post-Meridian) and the choices he makes that cause events after his descension to be very different from canon
  • there will be slash and het content
  • having a structure to my story is one thing I will need cheering on specifically 

If you want to cheer for me, just sign up at the cheerleaders post and let me know by replying to my author's info that you want to work with me.  If not, don't worry - authors and cheerleaders who have signed up and don't have someone on the 22nd will get matched at that time :-)
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ship me meme

I realize I don't ever talk about anything other than Stargate, so it'll maybe be hard? But I hope at least somebody'll reply to it. *hopeful glances*  At the very least you could make a really great guess on some answers that may not be 100% personality-accurate but would make me happy to be shipped with, heh!

I think this [ profile] comment_fic  prompt would make a wonderful crossover with SGA. Jack Harkness vs. the Wraith? How awesome would that be?!  Unfortunately that's the limit of my creativity on that prompt, LOL.  

Also!  I am writing a story for the Summer of Stargate Big Bang! And it is an AU about Daniel during and after he's dead.  And I am excited. :-D 
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I'm interested in what people think about Daniel and ascension. Not really looking for story ideas, but if anything jumps out at me I'll ask you if I can use it with credit. But mostly I have my own ideas and interpretations and I'm just anticipating getting a general feel for how other people view these subjects.

Complete the sentences! Additional discussion in comments quite welcome :)

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