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Combination for this life -- Stargate: Atlantis art

Art for [ profile] sgareversebang
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Title: Combination for this life
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Character: John Sheppard
Rating: all ages
Notes: This inspired a story by busaikko and mific called The Reverberation of a Blazing World.

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Good Lord this is gorgeous! The close-up of JFlan & the diving/soaring figure on the left are just stunning, as are the complexity & crispness of the gears & mechanisms & the magnified eye. I got lost for a while in all the details-within-details & wondering what they meant: what do the hints of musical instruments & players mean? What about the chair, & what might be tridents (or katars)? Why does the floating figure in the upper right seem artificial & disturbing, & does it really have wings?

I can see how your beautiful art could inspire a whole collection of fics! Thank you for creating & sharing it with us.