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Story: NCIS, Tony/Gibbs, 371 words, teen/all ages

For a [community profile] ncis_verse challenge where I got the first sentence "Don't lose hope" and the last sentence "Yes: Everything just changed!" and had to write a story.

Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Tony and Gibbs
Tags: AU, UST/mild angst, character study, 3rd person (Tony's view)
Words: 371
Rating: Teen/all ages
Notes: Presenting the bounty-hunter verse! The first and last sentences of the challenge inspired me to make more concrete some vague ideas that I've had for a while. I'd really love to do more with it some day :)

Don't lose hope.

Tony had been telling himself this in regards to Gibbs for years. He repeated it to himself now as the man walked off, having just been infuriatingly close to Tony's ear, speaking in a low growl that in the safety of the bullpen sent a thrill right through his body, exuding charm and smelling comfortingly sexy and being so, so focused on their next mission.


NJIC had no policy against them being together romantically. In fact, they all but actively encouraged that sort of relationship in their two-man teams - people who spent ninety-some percent of their waking hours together and a good deal of their sleeping hours too, with the travel and the stakeouts and basically living in the same forty-cubic-meter area as each other for a good deal of their lives.

It might have been surprising that more people didn't kill their partners, except that the Center did an outstanding job ensuring long-term compatibility within each team.

Sometimes, Tony thought the tests had broken when they did him and Gibbs.

There was no denying results, though. They were one of the top teams in the entire Center. No matter how far you ran, no matter how well you masked your identity or how many resources you had at your disposal, Gibbs and DiNozzo would find you and bring you to justice.

That their synergy in the field was matched only by their personal chemistry was plain to Tony, and he knew Gibbs could see it too.

So it frustrated him: nothing was keeping them apart except for some weird quirk of Gibbs's personal code. Gibbs disagreed with the Center that romance could work between partners, sometimes doing so quite vocally.

Tony sighed.

Maybe Gibbs would retire one day, removing the only stumbling block that Gibbs had ever shown any hint of. Or maybe he'd somehow see that they could be even better together than they were now.

Or maybe Gibbs would stop the closeness, the head slaps, the demanding everything from Tony - all of the stuff that drove him mad, and that he couldn't live without... so Tony never pushed.

But he longed for the day he could say, Yes - everything just changed.

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