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end: ficlet for comment_fic prompt - The SCP Foundation - rated adult

Title: the infinity of the mind-shriek-screech (end)
Rating: ADULT for horror themes
Fandom: The SCP Foundation
Words: 121 (the notes are longer)
For: this prompt at [ profile] comment_fic: The SCP Foundation, SCP-682, wanting to destroy just about everything you see isn't a fun existence.


* The SCP Foundation is a horror website; if you are sensitive to horror themes I recommend you avoiding the site. Entirely. The SCP Foundation has the potential to pull people in and intrigue them even though they don't want to be.

* I wouldn't call the ficlet hugely horrific although it is very dark and potentially disturbing, especially in the context of the source material. Be aware it is written about the perspectives of a monster.

* Although the prompt will give you a good starting point, the ficlet will probably make the most sense if you know about 682.

* Some of the ficlet is based on the part of this article from a site called Villains Wiki that suggests that SCP-682 is not "of this world". I could find nothing connecting 343 and 682 on the site itself but I strongly suspect there is relevant material I didn't cover in my pre-writing review. (Basically I looked at 682's page and termination log (and the page on the Villains Wiki) and browsed through a few SCPs that were linked on those pages, and kept my research/refresher info to a minimum as the site is a low-dose kind of thing for me). I'm sure there's other places 682 is mentioned on the site although I did look at 343's page so I'm not sure if there'd be another place where 682 and 343 were together and I'm not sure about the accuracy of the Villains Wiki. But it really doesn't matter, I don't think, as guesses to 682's origin could very well include the phrase "not of this world" without any input from 343.) The other main piece of info I got that I didn't remember from before was the pronoun (see 079).

* Formatting is important - if you're on a mobile or other device that can't see background color you will not be able to see where text is highlighted/blacked-out. (And yes, text; it doesn't function the same as the redacted stuff on the site.)

He is not.

Not from here this plane of existence, this being-place, where everything is WRONG.

Every single moment second minute hour YEAR YEAR INFINITY everything that IS... he sees it should NOT BE and the existence of it takes what he was peace beauty love once upon a time and violates rapes flays butchers KILLS IT IT DID NOT DESERVE it.

He is not healthy anymore and he CANNOT STAND IT THEM ANYTHING what he once was he's trapped can't get back so something HAS TO END he will make sure of it.

And maybe WHAT hope later, when he can [verbs that are good] he'll make it back somehow. He'll (peace beauty love) [verbs that he's forgotten, but he'll remember, one day]. One day.

One day.

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Oh my God, this is perfect and awesome! It's everything I could have wanted. I love how you highlighted/blacked-out some of the text. You really get across how miserable SCP-682 is, and how he wants to destroy everything on Earth. I didn't expect my prompt to be filled, and I'm so happy you did. Thank you! <3

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Eee, I am SO glad you like!! I was immediately intrigued to see the SCP Foundation in someone's prompt! I didn't remember what 682 was at first but the prompt itself appealed to me because I like encountering things in fandom where we take expectations about a character and turn them on their heads. And when I looked up the character I thought "ohhh, that one!" because although I don't remember the numbers of everything very well, 682's nature definitely had stuck with me.

And your prompt is more sympathetic to him than I'd ever thought about being before, and because of that seeming to blend with his reason for killing the farmers I wondered what it would be like if he were from this place that was so completely and fundamentally incompatible with our world that there, he doesn't have to be a monster at all. I always love having these new possible perspectives about and explanations for characters, so thank you bunches for your prompt :)
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