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YAY: Inception fandom is starting to grab hold of me. Eeeee!! It has all sorts of wonderful things and CAPSLOCKY GOODNESS and makes me generally act like a crazy flailing person who is glad the only ones who can see her are her cats. Are there any people out there who are in/getting into Inception fandom as well? I HAVE A RECS LIST OR SOMETHING IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. I NEED TO MAKE A DELICIOUS ACCOUNT. I DON'T EVEN KNOW. WHAT. *flails happily*

YAY: [ profile] lilblckdressfic has a mod who is not me and that is good, and you should go there and sign up for the fic exchange if you like Cam and Daniel from SG-1.

BOO: LJ's repost comments bit. I want to go back and make all my entries private now, although that even won't help completely, plus my fic needs to be open, plus in order to not do all my entries by hand I'd have to pay. Mini yay: At least they allow payment for one month. There's been a lot of LJ-fail that I've read about lately but this is one thing that has seriously made me irritated.

So yeah, please don't post any comments you make to my entries to Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else. And you don't have to worry about me reposting, either. (And yes, it does affect people who choose not to opt-in on their own comments, even if they friends lock their entries.)

YAY: [ profile] somehowunbroken's fic feedback has been of immense help and I am off to finish writing the thing approximately now.

OH I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING SOMETHING ELSE YAY: The 7th season of NCIS has come on reruns so I have watched I think the first four episodes now and I am just so excited and happy to see more team-y interaction and geez they're all deliciously hot and it just makes me smile. Wheee!
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Name and OtherName = neither of them fully consent
Name (OtherName) = OtherName is fully consenting, Name is experiencing the dubious consent

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