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Title: Beacon
Recipient: [ profile] sunspores at multifan_gift
Fandom/Pairing/Rating: Inception, Arthur/Eames, adult
Warning/Notes: highlight for spoilers: mild medically graphic images, and themes of character death
Summary: Art and poem about a love that's beacon-bright

Artist's Notes: The pieces came together from a mix of different prompts from [ profile] sunspores, which were brilliant and fun to work with. I was inspired visually by noir themes and conceptually by A Softer World, including number 642, and the idea of "romanticizing of violence." Violence was in the prompt along with noir and the comic, but the mixing of violence and romance was a bit more serendipitous. I hope you like the direction I took and thank you for the wonderful prompts :)

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For: [ profile] dream_holiday / [ profile] coffeebuddha
Title: red
Characters: Arthur/Eames + Frank Moses and Victoria from RED
Rating: PG (no warnings)
Request: Crossover with RED where Arthur is Frank Moses' son and Eames is Victoria's. Preferably something covering them meeting for the first time as teenagers.
Author's Notes: Click the previews to view.
Happy holidays and hope you enjoy!
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For a kinkmeme prompt requesting iambic pentameter.

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for [ profile] angst_bingo (my card)

Title: Side Effects May Include
Prompt: Drugs
Fandom/Pairing: Inception, Arthur (and Eames)

Medium: Art: Manip
Rating: Teen (PG)
Warning: (skip) Drug references. Low-hanging pants?
Spoilers: Inception

Artist's Note: Text and PASIV device diagram are from the official PASIV online manual. The picture of "Arthur" is, I believe, from a magazine shoot, and the picture of "Eames" is a still from the movie Bronson (where the character of Bronson was very violent). Neither image really brings to mind the characters we see in the movie Inception, but that's the point; Arthur and Eames could very well be depressed and a bit vulnerable-looking, or violent and angry, due to a drug that is changing their brain chemistry.


Side Effects May Include )

Okay, so...

Sep. 3rd, 2010 04:52 am
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I spend quite a large percentage of the time that I am partaking of Inception fandom things flailing my arms (actually, literally) and feeling overwhelmingly happy.

I just wanted to share. :)

ETA: Possible Inception spoilers in comments


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