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written for the Cliche Meme at [ profile] angelgazing

It had been so long since Danny had been healthy that any sexual feelings Steve might have ever had towards him had vanished. It wasn't that the wings were a turn-off - in fact, Steve could appreciate on a theoretical level that they made Danny even more attractive, if such a thing were possible. Steve simply didn't have room inside for lust because he was full to bursting with emotions like protectiveness and worry that made his stomach clench whenever he thought about his friend.

He wasn't sure Danny was healthy even now but he had been getting better; the nurse didn't come by the house anymore and Danny didn't have to struggle so much to sound upbeat and avoid worrying Grace over the phone.

Which apparently meant his subconscious decided it would be okay to let up on the fear a little and indulge in a naughty dream about Danny, if his vague memories of soft feathers, warm skin, urgent whispers - and the mess on his sheets - was anything to go by.

Hawaii 5-0 wing!fic masterpost/timeline
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written for this prompt at [ profile] comment_fic

"Okay, no. Seriously. You do not understand how incredibly annoying these are."

Steve supportively tried to suppress his laughter at Danny's uncomfortable-looking gesture at his own back.

"It's very hard to fit them into my shirts, for one, not to mention how uncomfortable they are when I, I don't know, press up against something like a chair or, say, a bed? And maybe Grace is young enough that she can incorporate wings into her self-identity but as for me I did not count on living my life with two extra appendages!"

Steve handed Danny a beer and made a sympathetic face. And thought that maybe someday they would reach the point where he felt comfortable saying I'll sew slots into your shirts, Danno. I'll wash the spots you can't reach.

Hawaii 5-0 wing!fic masterpost/timeline
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When Danny gets out of quarantine, Steve’s so glad to see him out from under the hospital lights and without two feet of plastic and glass between them that he can hardly breathe.

“You look good,” he manages. And he does. There’s color in his cheeks again, his eyes are less haunted, and if Steve didn’t know any better he could imagine that Danny’s fatigued expression came only from too long spent worrying about Grace and getting really bad sleep.

“Seriously?” Danny isn’t going to be treating anyone to a full-blown rant for a while, but his irritation is unmistakable. “I’m a bird.”

Hawaii 5-0 wing!fic masterpost/timeline


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