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Title: Beacon
Recipient: [ profile] sunspores at multifan_gift
Fandom/Pairing/Rating: Inception, Arthur/Eames, adult
Warning/Notes: highlight for spoilers: mild medically graphic images, and themes of character death
Summary: Art and poem about a love that's beacon-bright

Artist's Notes: The pieces came together from a mix of different prompts from [ profile] sunspores, which were brilliant and fun to work with. I was inspired visually by noir themes and conceptually by A Softer World, including number 642, and the idea of "romanticizing of violence." Violence was in the prompt along with noir and the comic, but the mixing of violence and romance was a bit more serendipitous. I hope you like the direction I took and thank you for the wonderful prompts :)

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I made a wallpaper for a [ profile] stargateland challenge with the prompt of steal. I thought of John flying away from Michael, stealing away with his team - with Teyla, who had been stolen from them.... I thought about how John would have done anything to rescue her, which inspired me to write a poem.

It's based on the famous "High Flight" by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. - and there is anything emotional in my poem it is due entirely to him.


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A limerick for the [ profile] lj_scribe prompt "social media" - I love writing limericks!

Happy Birthday Teyla art as a pinch hit for [ profile] teylafen 's thing a thon. I had thought about signing up for that but at the time felt overwhelmed with things and wasn't sure how long that would last. So when I had the chance to make something I was super-excited.

As previously mentioned, I wrote a thing for [ profile] sd_ldws - here. I was eliminated and honestly I think it needs to be expanded, as 500 words wasn't nearly enough to explain things. (It actually started out as 950 words (and, because I hadn't been writing much, I was SO thrilled about that.)) If you look closely and are familiar with NCIS you'll see a little something there. (Gibbs just can't relax, even on vacation in Hawaii ;) )

The other things I've written recently have been a couple short things for a Steve Cuddle Fest over at [ profile] gunslingaaahhh's. (Spoilers for finale and spoiler pic for season 2 at the link). My thingies are a Kamekona cuddle and a Steve/Danny lapnuzzle. Also there may have been some of my wonderful drawing skills on display. Right here. :D

Am currently working on a set of icons from the NCIS episode "Bounce" for [ profile] ncis_verse, which will include a) hangover under-eye circles b) some Tony/Renny Grant goodness and c) a wonderful still of Tony looking like Gibbs is doing naughty things to him out of frame, oh my goodness Michael Weatherly's face, I am not even kidding.


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