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I think I have a certain issues with crossovers, trying to fit characters into each other's lives. My slashing_lorne Summer of Lorne prompt basically hands that to me - Tony is the NCIS agent assigned to the marines on Atlantis. But I think just jumping into a PWP.. I think that's gonna feel weird to me.

I've got a lot of ideas beyond the smut... I can just see this wanting to be like this big 15k thing:
-Tony's thoughts on the assignment before he leaves Earth
-how he got the assignment (Daniel, who knew Tony, told the higher-ups about him)
-what happens soon after he gets there (an intro speech in the mess hall, stuff about DADT)
-setting it post SGA series and having non-feeding!Todd staying on Atlantis and having him and Tony have some kind of conversation (I just think that would be awesome)

but I definitely am not going to write all of those ideas. I don't want to turn this into a chore that I'll hate to write so I'm dreading the due date, especially when I've got the other, ongoing project thing.

But I do think that I will include at least a bit of backstory about how he meets Lorne or some of his early interactions with Lorne.

-touring Atlantis with Lorne as his guide
-having a case where he has to search everybody's rooms (does he find a box of Lorne's sex toys?)
-sparring with Lorne

Basically I just wanted to "talk out loud" as it were... I'm really excited about this particular fic and I really hope that everyone will like the finished product :)


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