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 Hi everyone!  As part of the 12 Days of Lorne at [ profile] slashing_lorne , I bring you holiday goodies!

First is a wallpaper for use on your personal computer.

That's the preview size, and here is a medium size and large size.

Second, I have icons!


Please credit, and don't alter or hotlink.

Comments if you use the icons or wallpaper would make my day!

Lastly, I have Lorne-related fic recs for you!

Brush Strokes is a rated G gen fic, and it was written for me for [ profile] sga_santa !  I was so pleased to receive this story - it's a wonderful character study about Lorne, and a beautiful glimpse into life "behind the scenes" on Atlantis.  Unfortunately the author is still anonymous at this point so I can't tell you who wrote it, but I'm excited to be able to find out later.

The other two fics I'd like to recommend come from [ profile] kellifer_fic in response to prompts.  In the first one, Rodney is a little mean, but things turn out all right for Lorne in the end!  In the second fic, Lorne has a Christmas-related misunderstanding, involving structurally unsound Ancient furniture and a  strategically placed bit of mistletoe.

Merry Christmas from Lorne - I hope you enjoy!
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Hi all! I made a manip of John Sheppard for Christmas to share with everyone for the holidays!
This is the small-sized preview:

Here are links to larger sizes:
(2000x13330) (1600x1066) (1200x800) (800x533)
I know that they don't exactly fit a correct aspect ratio but I provided a variety of sizes so you can choose the one that fits closest. These are available to use on your computers as desktops etc.

Here are four icons made from the manip - two older versions I shared as previews over here a little while ago, as well as two improved versions.

These are sharable but please credit and refrain from editing, thanks much.

I also wanted to show-off my new layout. The header, made from the above manip, is non-sharable but I will make one for you if you want - let me know size and what, if anything, you would like it to say.

Finally, from another source pic, I made these icons.

I know everyone's made icons from screencaps of David Hewlett in that costume already, but I have wanted to for a while. And instead of Cupid, I am calling it a Christmas angel. :-D Same guidelines for taking as with the above icons.

Comments if you end up taking a desktop background or icon would make my day!

I hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas & Holidays to all!


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