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Title: Freefall (Scenes from Atlantis Discothèque)
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis and NCIS
Pairing: Evan Lorne/Anthony DiNozzo preslash (and mention of past Evan/Todd)
Characters: Evan Lorne, Tony DiNozzo, Todd the Wraith, and mentions of others
Rating: Teen for language and sexual references
Other Warnings/Keywords: Reference to sex with an alien (Wraith)
Words: ~1.1k

Prompt: Tony DiNozzo has been given the position of Atlantis' Agent Afloat. Evan just can't help but like him.

Additional Notes and Thanks )

Freefall )
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ETA: Got an answer YAY! If anyone has the link to the thing with screenreader compatability that would be awesome but I do have the code for my story now :)

How do you do the blackout thing for spoilers? I know I read an awesome post about how to do it (screenreader compatable, too) but I absolutely cannot find it in my memories.

Thanks in advance!
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ETA: I have an offer of a beta. :)

Have come to the conclusion that I very definitely need a beta for my [ profile] slashing_lorne story.

Spelling and grammar shouldn't need checking - it's the... I dunno, just the whole idea and flow and everything. Well, I actually don't think the story really flows anyway - it reads more like excerpts from a longer story, but... you could tell me if it makes no sense or something? Being familiar with SGA and NCIS would be probably needed.

It's due on Sept 5th so I'd probably need it by the 4th, and I could send it to you... soon? (It's only mostly done. I might even have to get it beta'ed unfinished depending on how much of a bother the combination of weird story idea and health stuff decides to be, or if you'd want me to send it right away.)

Other details:

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis and NCIS
Pairing: Evan Lorne/Anthony DiNozzo preslash
Characters: above plus Todd the Wraith (and mention of others)
Rating: Teen for language and sexual references
Words: CURRENTLY 944. I'm pretty confident that it won't get to 2k even if I add everything.
Prompt: Lorne/Tony - Tony DiNozzo has been given the position of Atlantis' Agent Afloat. Evan just can't help but like him.

p.s. I will love you forever and make you icons or a graphic or something.
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I just signed up for [ profile] angst_bingo and I think I'm going to be co-modding [ profile] lilblckdressfic. I am going to be working on my [ profile] slashing_lorne fic tonight and hopefully finishing it - although I think, for this one, getting a beta at some point would be good because unlike most of my stories my ideas for this one have been sort of... less viscuous.

Finally figured out how to get the "Keep Calm" font correct in my graphics program, so have been gleefully considering what icons to make next.

I feel like I am forgetting things but probably just need to get way more organized. I also feel sad for people who have been discouraged or unhappy lately and although I have commented to a few particulars I do just want to say, in general to everybody, *hugs* and love.
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The story is actually due one month (exactly) from now.

I'm really starting to think I need a personal secretary... *shakes head laughingly at self*

Thank you to the poll-takers <3
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excerpt from my Summer of Lorne WIP:

Agent DiNozzo didn't seem like the wallflower type - but there he was, looking wistfully out at the dance floor while Todd bobbed his head to the music and made periodic comments in the Agent's ear.
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I think I have a certain issues with crossovers, trying to fit characters into each other's lives. My slashing_lorne Summer of Lorne prompt basically hands that to me - Tony is the NCIS agent assigned to the marines on Atlantis. But I think just jumping into a PWP.. I think that's gonna feel weird to me.

I've got a lot of ideas beyond the smut... I can just see this wanting to be like this big 15k thing:
-Tony's thoughts on the assignment before he leaves Earth
-how he got the assignment (Daniel, who knew Tony, told the higher-ups about him)
-what happens soon after he gets there (an intro speech in the mess hall, stuff about DADT)
-setting it post SGA series and having non-feeding!Todd staying on Atlantis and having him and Tony have some kind of conversation (I just think that would be awesome)

but I definitely am not going to write all of those ideas. I don't want to turn this into a chore that I'll hate to write so I'm dreading the due date, especially when I've got the other, ongoing project thing.

But I do think that I will include at least a bit of backstory about how he meets Lorne or some of his early interactions with Lorne.

-touring Atlantis with Lorne as his guide
-having a case where he has to search everybody's rooms (does he find a box of Lorne's sex toys?)
-sparring with Lorne

Basically I just wanted to "talk out loud" as it were... I'm really excited about this particular fic and I really hope that everyone will like the finished product :)


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