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Last chance (this time around) for giving input for my holiday wallpaper making.

Did you see this chkc chibi?  

You must seeeee iiit.

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So, you know how in a lot of fics Teyla is like, hey boys, you two have TRUE LOVES for each other, and when you embrace your feelings you will be truly happy, and then John and Rodney are like WHAT LOVE and Teyla is like OH COME ON HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS.

This post, by[ profile] dovil is a particularly funny take on this theme.

And for the SG-1 fans, a Christmas-related photo story by [ profile] ziparumpazoo . Oh Daniel, you are delicious looking in all your incarnations!
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Oh my goodness this is the cutest thing EVER.
(day two of starshinedreams' advent calendar.)

They just look so happy!!
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Oh, hello friends page. How you taunt my hungry tummy with delicious things. If there is one thing more perfect than donuts it is the idea of eating donuts off of that man.

Om nom nom.


I am in the mood to write something angsty but I don't know what.
I'm especially interested in writing something character-driven... maybe about a particular character in a dark AU setting?

Give me prompts!

Stargate SG1 or Atlantis, gen or slash.
prompts can be words, story ideas, images, whatever.
And I will try to write something all dark and angsty for you!

Probably short though as I have to finish editing my two stories (sg_rarepairings and sga_santa) that I got back from my totally awesome betas!


Nov. 15th, 2009 09:51 pm
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Would you like to know the funniest thing ever?

Of course you would!

Graphic Novel by [ profile] liketheriverrun
John / Rodney, rated T

Go. Read. Laugh.
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[ profile] crysothemis has more wonderful photos of Joe Flanigan here!

I made an icon from one of them:

Free to snag - please credit [ profile] crysothemis for the photo.

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Over at [ profile] neevebrody 's there is John / beard!Rodney multi-author comment fic (adult-rated).  The story doesn't seem quite done though - maybe soon someone else (you?) will contribute? I have enjoyed the story so far and am looking forward to seeing if it goes forward! 

eta: It has an ending now.  It is very hot.  Also in the comments to that post is a quite nice NSFW pic that everyone should check out!

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Run - don't walk - to [ profile] crysothemis 's post of two amazingly beautiful JFlan pics.

My goodness!


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