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written for the Cliche Meme at [ profile] angelgazing

It had been so long since Danny had been healthy that any sexual feelings Steve might have ever had towards him had vanished. It wasn't that the wings were a turn-off - in fact, Steve could appreciate on a theoretical level that they made Danny even more attractive, if such a thing were possible. Steve simply didn't have room inside for lust because he was full to bursting with emotions like protectiveness and worry that made his stomach clench whenever he thought about his friend.

He wasn't sure Danny was healthy even now but he had been getting better; the nurse didn't come by the house anymore and Danny didn't have to struggle so much to sound upbeat and avoid worrying Grace over the phone.

Which apparently meant his subconscious decided it would be okay to let up on the fear a little and indulge in a naughty dream about Danny, if his vague memories of soft feathers, warm skin, urgent whispers - and the mess on his sheets - was anything to go by.

Hawaii 5-0 wing!fic masterpost/timeline
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written for this prompt at [ profile] comment_fic

"Okay, no. Seriously. You do not understand how incredibly annoying these are."

Steve supportively tried to suppress his laughter at Danny's uncomfortable-looking gesture at his own back.

"It's very hard to fit them into my shirts, for one, not to mention how uncomfortable they are when I, I don't know, press up against something like a chair or, say, a bed? And maybe Grace is young enough that she can incorporate wings into her self-identity but as for me I did not count on living my life with two extra appendages!"

Steve handed Danny a beer and made a sympathetic face. And thought that maybe someday they would reach the point where he felt comfortable saying I'll sew slots into your shirts, Danno. I'll wash the spots you can't reach.

Hawaii 5-0 wing!fic masterpost/timeline
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When Danny gets out of quarantine, Steve’s so glad to see him out from under the hospital lights and without two feet of plastic and glass between them that he can hardly breathe.

“You look good,” he manages. And he does. There’s color in his cheeks again, his eyes are less haunted, and if Steve didn’t know any better he could imagine that Danny’s fatigued expression came only from too long spent worrying about Grace and getting really bad sleep.

“Seriously?” Danny isn’t going to be treating anyone to a full-blown rant for a while, but his irritation is unmistakable. “I’m a bird.”

Hawaii 5-0 wing!fic masterpost/timeline
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I wrote a ficlet. Prompt: Arthur and Cobb have to go undercover as husbands in order to gain access to a new mark. Eames has... interesting reactions to that.

ficlet )
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Title: The Wings of Change
Author: [ profile] theeverdream
Main Characters: Cam & SG-1, McKay, John, Chuck
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1k
Prompt: Wing fic
Summary: Cam is given a gift – one he’s pretty sure he doesn’t actually want.
Warnings / Spoilers: None of either, unless I should warn you of disjointedness and Cam having a bit of a pity party
Author’s Notes: Cover graphic info:
Larger version
I want to share another version I have, which is even larger and text-free for use for wallpapers, but I have uploaded it several times and it ends up breaking in one browser and not in another; here it is if you are able to see it. And in case all those links weren’t enough here is winged!Cam without a background.

The Wings of Change )
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Title: Freefall (Scenes from Atlantis Discothèque)
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis and NCIS
Pairing: Evan Lorne/Anthony DiNozzo preslash (and mention of past Evan/Todd)
Characters: Evan Lorne, Tony DiNozzo, Todd the Wraith, and mentions of others
Rating: Teen for language and sexual references
Other Warnings/Keywords: Reference to sex with an alien (Wraith)
Words: ~1.1k

Prompt: Tony DiNozzo has been given the position of Atlantis' Agent Afloat. Evan just can't help but like him.

Additional Notes and Thanks )

Freefall )
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Title: Blessed
Characters: John
Rating: All ages
Words: 400
Summary: John in a vendor's tent in a Pegasus market.
A/N: This is a standalone story but may be the first part of a series in the future.

Blessed )
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Normally when I ask for prompts I post the responses in comments but I wanted to share this as a separate entry both for its relevance to the holiday and because it has special meaning to me. Prompt was anything Lorne/Sheppard.

edit: Sept 2012 - Now with another story in the same verse.
Feb 2013 - A third story.

Independence Day, Evan/John

warnings/notes: This is angsty (permenant after-effects of off-screen imprisonment) and does not have a make-it-better ending. Non-religion-specific prayer, and a statement a of certain thing a character believes faith-wise.
rating: teen for the angst themes (no language/sexual themes).
words: 286

I still hear you )

Real life news article about the event they attended.

In case that gets taken down one day, here is a reference image for the article and the linked image.


Jul. 4th, 2010 05:53 am
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Has LJ fixed the problem with malware in their ads?

If the problems haven't been fixed, would they be avoided by disallowing flash?

Also, if you answer this and help me I am obligated to write you a ficlet so leave me your Stargate Atlantis or non-latest season NCIS prompt! Also also if you don't I will answer your prompts anyway.

edit: based on replies and talking to the owner of the computer, I'm going to go with staying on lj and disallowing flash (which I was doing anyway). Prompts still accepted :)
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Apples and Honey
SGA, Lorne/Parrish
460 words
rating: Teen
emotional h/c
warnings: shifting POV, long rambly sentences, and not Sheppard bashing, but kind of like if it had a tiny baby brother.

Summary: Lorne and Parrish have an argument, and it’s okay.

A/N: Inspired by this post by [ profile] calcitrix about the story behind John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed).

Apples and Honey )
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Title: The Weight of the Mountain
Words: ~540
Rating: Teen (for themes)
Summary: A look at Jonas during the time between his coming to the SGC and becoming a member of SG-1.
A/N: A rather angsty view of things - I believe this time period would have been very hard for Jonas. It does have a bit of a happy ending.
Written for: Jonas Alphabet Soup (round-up post here)

The Weight of the Mountain )
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Title: And Over Many Seas
Prompt: Freya walks into a bar and meets... Jonas Quinn!
Fandoms: Thoughtcrimes / Stargate SG-1
Characters/pairings: Freya/Jonas
Rating/warnings: PG. Spoilers for general concepts only (SG-1 season 6, all of Thoughtcrimes)
Word count: ~510
Written for: A Ficathon Walks into a Bar (will include link to masterlist when it is posted)

And Over Many Seas )
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Destroyer, PG
260 words
Daniel/Ba'al clone pre-slash / Daniel character study
A/N: Ignores Goa'uld genetic memory

Destroyer )
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Title: His Own Worst Enemy
Author: [ profile] theeverdream
Pairing: John / doppelganger!John
Episodes / Spoilers: Set post 4x04 Doppelganger, and alludes to that episode and to the SG-1 episode 1x07 Cold Lazarus.
Words: 3.3k
Rating: Adult for sex / language / themes.
Warnings: Angst. Non-con. Dark!John. Abusive situation regarding OMC and potential underage sex.

Prompt: John / doppelganger!John, issues

Author’s Notes:
beta: HUGE thanks to my wonderful beta [ profile] slybrarian, whose feedback saved my sanity.
sequel info: This is a self-contained story but may one day have a sequel, so keep your eyes peeled!

cover art: Made by me - click image to enlarge

backstory: Things haven't been going well in the Pegasus galaxy, and the IOA has made Colonel Sheppard and Major Lorne scapegoats, recalling them to the SGC and forcing them to lead teams where the IOA can keep a closer eye on them.

His Own Worst Enemy )
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Title: A Ring of Blue
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Rating: PG
Summary: SG-1 is on a rescue mission to a world ravaged by the Goa’uld; Daniel makes an impression.

His eyes are blue. Not the blue of the sky or the blue of the river you bathe in, but the exact color of the cheenlen stones from the quarry your village is known for. The cheenlen is used for the village kilns since it absorbs the heat better than any other material. Its wider use – what your people export, and what others come from afar to view and purchase – is cheenlen jewelry.

It is fitting, then, you think, that his eyes are this color. You have seen him bear more during your short time with him than most people should be required to, yet it does not make him bitter and unkind. The heat is directed inward... insulated by the mind and spirit of this man who would not see others come to harm through misdirected venom.

And just as the fine blue jewelry surpasses other decorations, so too does his beauty surpass any you have seen. You love his cheenlen-eyes the most, but that is far from all. Long, slender legs that stride purposefully to help others, strong arms that held you up one night when you could not bear to think of your world in continued danger, lips that overflowed with comfort and praise for your people and damnation for your enemies. Lips that set you aflame when you gaze upon them.

Tomorrow he leaves with his people through the Ring; you will set a ring of blue upon his finger and allow it to speak to him, as he goes, all the words that you cannot.


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